Mira Asriningtyas (b.1986) works as an independent curator and art writer in Yogyakarta- Indonesia. In 2011 she co-founded an independent space that aims to build a supportive and positive environment for young artists– LIR Space; focusing on a laboratory platform as alternative education for young artists, creating research-based art projects, and using independently-published book as an alternative space for exhibition. She was part of Cemeti Art House Young Curator Forum (Yogyakarta, 2013); 4A Curators' Intensive (Sydney, 2014); Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Young Curator Residency Program (Turin, 2018); among others. She graduated from De Appel Curatorial Program 2016/2017 at De Appel Art Center – Amsterdam.

Mira is especially interested in conceptually-driven multidisciplinary projects, site-specificity, and working within the practice of everyday life. She is actively performing the act of flanerie and spatial practice in her curatorial works, reusing abandoned and public places as presentation site for site-specific projects. Some of her latest projects are “Poetry of Space” (Jakarta & Yogyakarta, 2014); “Exhibition Laboratory” (LIR Space – Yogyakarta, 2014-2018); “Fine (Art) Dining” (Lir Space – Yogyakarta, 2016); “Goodluck, See You After The Revolution” (UVA – Amsterdam, 2017) ; “Why is Everybody Being So Nice?” (De Appel Art Center and Stedelijk Museum – Amsterdam, 2017); and "Coming Soon" (exhibition and publication, FSRR - Turin, 2018) among others. She is now working on her long-term site-specific project called “900mdpl” in Kaliurang, a resort village under an active volcano (Mt.Merapi) in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Mira is also working as a duo curator with Dito Yuwono under the collective name ‘LIR’, focusing on research-based art project presented in experimental artistic approach. 

Aside from curatorial notes, her other writing can be found in Indonesian magazines such as Elle D├ęcor Indonesia, Dewi, Things, and www.trulyjogja.com. In her free time; she bakes and read for fun, try to always be surrounded by nature, and post a lot of pictures on Instagram. Each now and then, she tries to hop on every page she paints (and sometime dance on it)!