Mira Asriningtyas (b.1986) works as independent curator and writer. She completed De Appel Curatorial Program in 2017 (Amsterdam) and RAW Academie 6: CURA in 2019 (Dakar). In her curatorial practice, she is especially interested in working on site‐specific multidisciplinary projects within the practice of everyday life as a means to address socio‐political issues and history. She has curated exhibition and public programs off-sites and in art institutions such as De Appel Art Center (Amsterdam); Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam); Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo (Turin); KKF (Yogyakarta); ISCP (New York); MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum (Chiang Mai); among others. Her writings have been published in books, online publication, exhibition catalog, monograph, and magazine from Indonesia, The Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, and Australia.

In 2011, she co‐founded LIR Space, an art space that turned nomadic into LIR (curator collective). For the past 8 years, their program ranges from laboratories for experimental exhibition approach, research‐based art projects, public programs, residency, and alternative art education platforms. Over the years, the institutional format is perpetually renewed and in 2019, LIR Space turned nomadic as LIR. LIR's projects are characterized by multi‐disciplinary collaboration in order to foster continuous transgenerational transmission of knowledge, memory, and history. LIR’s latest project is the 3rd Pollination (2020‐2021) initiated by The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre (Ho Chi Minh City). Titled "Of Hunters & Gatherers", the project is composed of an exhibition, symposia and dedicated website in multiple sites, co‐hosted by MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum (Chiang Mai), Selasar Sunaryo Art Space (Bandung), The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre (Ho Chi Minh City), with the support of SAM Funds for Arts and Ecology (Indonesia) and The Gray Centre for Art & Inquiry (Chicago). 

In 2017, she started a biennial site‐specific project titled "900mdpl" in Kaliurang, an aging   resort village under Mt.Merapi volcano. The program invites local and international artists for a research residency and create a socially‐engaged archive of the space presented as a multi-site exhibition and a transient museum. The 1st edition (2017) presented portraits of the community and their living space. The 2nd edition (2019) was an attempt to pinpoint the small village within the map of Indonesian bigger history. The 3rd edition (2021-2022) will look upon the relationship between mythology and how it affects the environmental sustainability of the area."

(complete CV below)


2018, Research residency program, 98B, Manila – Phillipine. 
2018, Curators Residency Programme, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo - Turin, Italy
2016, De Appel Curatorial Programme 16/17, De Appel Art Center – Amsterdam, Netherlands
2015, Research residency program, Northern Center for Contemporary Art, Darwin – Australia 
2014, Young Curator Workshop, The Japan Foundation - Jakarta, Indonesia.  
2012, Young Curator Forum, Cemeti Art House - Yogyakarta, Indonesia 
2011, Magang Nusantara Kelola, Curator Assistant, Selasar Sunaryo Art Space - Bandung, Indonesia.


•September, online conference, "Inventory: Reconsidering Curatorial Practice", organised by Dr Mare Gloede, Assistant Professor of NTU ADM - Singapore
•September, online conversation, "Stop Over: Studio Visit 2", initiated by Load na Dito - Phillipine
•April, online talk, “The Plus Series - Curator Conversation: “of Hunters and Gatherers”, Art Curator Grid - Lisbon
•April, guest speaker, “Political Ecologies of the Post-Secular: Living with Ghosts and a Stratovolcano” part of 
‘Conversations in Political Ecology’ seminar series, organized by Lancaster Environment Center –
Lancaster University.
•April, online discussion, “Far/Bar Series − “Land, River, and Sea: The Moving Landscape of Hunters and Gatherers”, The Gray Center for Art and Inquiry - Chicago
•May, mentor, “Social City in the Age of Pandemic: Knowledge Sharing for Future of Cities”, Rujak 
Center for Urban Studies - Indonesia
•June, panelist, “Digital Shifts: Residency Programme”, public discussion by Goethe Institute - Indonesia

March, guest speaker, “Here There and Everywhere: Negotiating Residency as a Survival Strategy”, indeks – Bandung
•February, public talk, “Nothing Permanent on a Moving Ground”, ISCP – New York
•January, panelist, “Southeast Asia Art Watch: Indonesia”, SEA Focus – Singapore

•December, guest speaker, “APIK: Beyond the White Cube”, Goethehaus – Jakarta
•Desember, public talk, “Be Like a Duck: Remain Calm on the Surface and Paddle Like Crazy Underneath”, Cropping Class #14 at Inkubator Inisiatif – Yogyakarta
•June - July, public talk, “Jalan Berputar Menuju Venezia” (The Road Turns Toward Venezia), sharing sessions in GUDSKUL – Jakarta, Uma Seminyak – Bali, and LIR – Kaliurang
•May, guest speaker, “TMBR Assembly – Chapelle Session”, Level Five – Brussel

•September, contributor, “Is It Working?*” symposium, Cemeti Institute for Art and Society & Hypen, Yogyakarta – Indonesia 
•July, guest speaker, “Making Asian Art Public/s: Symposium", 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Sydney – Australia
•June, guest speaker, “Sharing Session: 900mdpl”, GOLEB Project, Amsterdam – Netherlands
•June, guest speaker, “Making Asian Art Public/s: Public Conversation”, Monash University - Australia.
•June, guest speaker, “Postgraduate Workshop: On Audiences, Sites and Situations: Thinking about Contemporary Art and its Publics in Local and Global Contexts”, Monash University - Australia
•April, guest mentor, Art Management Study, IULM, Milan – Italy
•April, guest mentor, CAMPO curator course, FSRR, Turin – Italy
•March, guest speaker, YCRP 2018 Public Presentation, FSRR, Turin – Italy 
•March, guest curator, “SCOPE: Indonesia” video screening, 98B COLLABoratory, Manila – Philippines
•March, guest critic, BA in Visual Arts, IUAV, Venice – Italy 

•November, guest speaker, “Moving Stories”, Indonesian Visual Art Archive, Yogyakarta – Indonesia
•November, mentor, “Workshop Sejarah dan Penciptaan Seni Rupa”, Jogja Contemporary – Indonesia
•April, guest tutor, Dutch Art Institute, DAI, Arnhem – Netherlands 
•February, guest speaker, “FGFG – A Kitchen Debate”, Jan van Eyck, Maastrich – Netherlands
•February, guest speaker, “Collective (im)Possibilities”, GOLEB, Amsterdam – Netherlands

•November, participant at De Appel’s CP Summit 2016: “You’re such a curator!”, De Appel Art Centre, Amsterdam –  Netherlands 
•November, guest critic, Jan van Eyck, JVE, Maastrich – Netherlands 
•September, guest critic, HISK, HISK, Gent – Belgium   

•October, public presentation, “LIR x NCCA x GBDBG” organized by Northern Centre for Contemporary Art, Darwin – Australia


•September-October, curator, "The Hunters", Exhibition: Maryanto and Ruangsak Anuwatwimon, MAIELIE - Khon Kaen.
•March-April, curator, “The Hunters”, Exhibition: Maryanto and Ruangsak Anuwatwimon, MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum - Chiang Mai.
•April - May, curator, online video screening, “Far/Bar Series − “Land, River, and Sea: The Moving Landscape of Hunters and , The Gray Center for Art and Inquiry - Chicago
•May, curator, “The Gatherers”, online symposium, Selasar Sunaryo Art Space - Bandung.
•May, curator, “Of Hunters and Gathereres”, online publication, www.ofhuntersandgatherers.com 
•July, curator, “LIR Video Series”, Educational Video series commissioned by Yeo Workshop - Singapore.

•January – April, curator, “Transient Museum of a Thousand Conversations”, ISCP – New York.
•March 2020 to April 2021, curator, “Pollination #3: Of Hunters and Gatherers”, project initiated The Factory – Saigon in collaboration with Selasar Sunaryo – Indonesia and MAIIAM – Chiang Mai; supported by SAM Funds for Art and Ecology and Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry. 
•September - October, curator, "A Roof Upon Your Head", Solo Exhibition: Mella Jaarsma, KKF, Yogyakarta - Indonesia. 

•February, curator, "Permanent Osmosis", Solo exhibition: Maryanto, LIR Space, Yogyakarta - Indonesia
•March, curator, "Courtesy of the Artists", Solo exhibition: Akiq AW, LIR Space, Yogyakarta - Indonesia
•October, curator, “Tato Tolak Bala: Perlindungan Ampuh Warga Setempat”, Solo Exhibition: Edita Atmaja, KKF, Yogyakarta – Indonesia.
•October, curator, “900mdpl: Hantu-Hantu Seribu Percakapan”, Kaliurang – Yogyakarta
•November, curator, “Bualan Ikan: Narasi-Narasi yang Terseret Arus”, Solo Exhibition: Adi Sundoro, KKF , Yogyakarta – Indonesia.
•November, curator, “Adegan yang Hilang: 1982 – 1985”, Solo Exhibition: Arief Budiman, KKF, Yogyakarta – Indonesia.

•June, curator, "Coming Soon", Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin – Italy
•July, curator, “UTARA-SELATAN”, project by Swara Pembangunan (collective) and Ziarah Utara (Irwan Ahmett, Tita Salina, Hannah Ekin, & Jorgen Doyle), LIR Space, Yogyakarta – Indonesia
•September, curator, “Loci Memoriae”, Solo exhibition: Kurniadi Widodo, KKF, Yogyakarta – Indonesia
•October, curator, “Dalam Tiga Babak”, Solo exhibition: Alfin Agnuba, KKF, Yogyakarta – Indonesia
•November, curator, “Away Day”, Solo exhibition: Dimaz Maulana, KKF, Yogyakarta – Indonesia
•Desember, curator, "Maaf Senin Tutup", Solo exhibition: Anggun Priambodo, LIR Space, Yogyakarta - Indonesia

•February, curator, “Good Luck, See You After the Revolution”, University of Amsterdam – Netherlands
•April, curator, “Why is Everybody Being So Nice”, De Appel Art Center, Amsterdam – Netherlands
•June, curator, “Why is Everybody Being So Nice: The Power Nap”, Stedelijk Museum – Netherlands
•November, curator, “900mdpl”, Kaliurang, Yogyakarta – Indonesia
•November, curator, “On a Lighter Note”, Ark Galerie, Yogyakarta-Indonesia 
•December, curator, "etc.", Jogja Contemporary, Yogyakarta - Indonesia

•March, curator, “Ini Bukan Ujian / This is Not a Test”, LIR Space – Yogyakarta
•March, curator, “Katanya sih, katanya”, Solo exhibition: Dian Suci Rahmawati, LIR Space – Yogyakarta
•April, curator, “Breaking Records with Rocket”, Solo exhibition: Yudha Sandy, KKF – Yogyakarta
•May, curator, “On the Table – Exhibition Series”: 1/ “The Observant Club’s Fine (art) Dining”, a performative exhibition and an alternative art education; 2/ “(Not a) Book (but a) Show”, book as an exhibition space and book as an exhibition; 3/ “Exhibition Laboratory Representative Duel/Duet”, two ex.lab.’s artists in one show, Jogja Contemporary and LIR Space - Yogyakarta

•December, curator, "We are the Majority Anyway", Solo exhibition: Faida Rachma, LIR Space 
•December, curator, "Bioskop Remadja", Solo exhibition: Okinawan A.M., LIR Space – Yogyakarta 
•November, writer, "Green Plastic Tree", Grafis Minggiran, Greenhost Hotel – Yogyakarta 
•October, curator, "Botanica 1.1: Vanda Tricolor and Other Finding", Solo exhibition: Edita Atmaja, LIR Space – Yogyakarta
•May, curator, "Betwixt and Between", LIR Space – Yogyakarta 
•March, curator, “A Noble Silence”,  Solo exhibition: Sarita Ibnoe, LIR Space – Yogyakarta
•March, curator, “Much Love”, Solo exhibition: Anna Paramita, LIR Space – Yogyakarta
•February, curator, “Contrary to Popular Belief,..”, Solo exhibition: Putud Utama, LIR Space
•February, curator, “In Vrede”, Solo exhibition: Antonius Ipur, LIR Space – Yogyakarta
•January, curator, “F20.3”, Solo exhibition: Isnen Bahar, LIR Space – Yogyakarta
•January, curator, “Genealogy of Hope: Piala Suratin 1992”, Solo exhibition: Dimaz Maulana, LIR Space

•December, curator, “Poetry of Space”, Jl.Sudirman Jakarta and KKF- Yogyakarta
•July, writer, Jae Hoon Lee’s work in “Makan Angin #1”, Cemeti Art House – Yogyakarta, Indonesia
•June, curator,“Kelas Salah Jurusan”, Solo exhibition: Cosmas Dipta, LIR Space – Yogyakarta
•June, curator, “Between Media and Other Stories”, Solo exhibition: Yonaz Kristy, LIR Space
•May, curator, “Dinas Merchandise Yogyakarta”, Solo exhibition: Gandhi Setyawan, LIR Space
•May, curator, “Cita Rasa ‘75”, Solo exhibition: Alfin Agnuba, LIR Space – Yogyakarta
•April, curator, “Tell Me a Tale!”, Solo exhibition: Monster Buaya, LIR Space – Yogyakarta
•February - March, “Dear Curator, Curate Me” project by Kristoffer Adena, Cemeti Art House
•January, curator, “The Memories of Unidentified Experience”, Solo exhibition: Dito Yuwono, Kedai Kebun Forum – Yogyakarta

•October, writer, “HappyMart”, Solo exhibition: Mahaputra Vito, LIR Space – Yogyakarta
•September, curator, “Gendis”, Solo exhibition: Lala Bohang, LIR Space – Yogyakarta
•July, curator, “Lunang”, new work presentation: Iwan Effendi, LIR Space – Yogyakarta
•January, curator, “Simalakamma and the Agents of Senses”, Visual exhibition: Simalakamma (Elia Nurvista & Syafiatudina), LIR Space – Yogyakarta 

•September, curator, “Power of the Sun” Solo exhibition: Prihatmoko “Moki” Catur, LIR Space
•July, curator, “The Question” Solo exhibition: Alfonsus Lisnanto, LIR Space – Yogyakarta
•June, curator, “The Disabled Crowd” new work presentation: Hendra “Hehe” Harsono, LIR Space
•April, curator, “Strangely Beautiful” Solo exhibition: Sandi Kalifadani, LIR Space – Yogyakarta
•April, curator, “Tote ‘em All”, a one-day merchandise exhibition by Ican Harem, LIR Space 
•March, writer, “His(s)tory”, Visual exhibition: Octo Cornelius, LIR Space – Yogyakarta


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