Mira Asriningtyas (b.1986) works as an independent curator and art writer in Yogyakarta- Indonesia. She was a fellow of De Appel Curatorial Program 2016/2017 at De Appel Art Center - Amsterdam and RAW Academie 6: CURA at RAW Material Company - Dakar. Mira is especially interested in working on site-specific and multidisciplinary projects within the practice of everyday life. Some of her projects are “Poetry of Space” (Jakarta & Yogyakarta, 2014); “Fine (Art) Dining” (Lir Space – Yogyakarta, 2016); “Goodluck, See You After The Revolution” (UVA – Amsterdam, 2017) ; “Why is Everybody Being So Nice?” (De Appel Art Center and Stedelijk Museum – Amsterdam, 2017); "Coming Soon" (exhibition and publication at the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo - Turin, 2018), “Curated by LIR” series (KKF, 2018 -2019), and “The Transient Museum of a Thousand Conversation” (ISCP – New York, 2020) among others. Since 2017, she has been working on a long-term site-specific project "900mdpl" in her hometown Kaliurang, an aging resort village under an active volcano Mt.Merapi in order to preserve the collective memories of the people and create a socially-engaged archive of the space. 

In 2011, Mira Asriningtyas and artist Dito Yuwono co-founded LIR Space—an art space in Yogyakarta - Indonesia with an aim to build a supportive and positive environment for artists and non-artist alike. For the past 8 years, their program ranges from laboratories for experimental exhibition approach, research-based art projects, public programs, residency, and alternative art education platforms. Over the years, the institutional format is perpetually renewed and recently LIR Space turn into a nomadic form of LIR curator collective, characterized by the multi-disciplinary collaboration and often-performative exhibition in order to foster continuous transgenerational transmission of knowledge, memory, and history. 

(complete CV below)


2018, Research residency program, 98B, Manila – Phillipine. 
2018, Curators Residency Programme, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo - Turin, Italy
2016, De Appel Curatorial Programme 16/17, De Appel Art Center – Amsterdam, Netherlands
2015, Research residency program, Northern Center for Contemporary Art, Darwin – Australia 
2014, Young Curator Workshop, The Japan Foundation - Jakarta, Indonesia.  
2012, Young Curator Forum, Cemeti Art House - Yogyakarta, Indonesia 
2011, Magang Nusantara Kelola, Curator Assistant, Selasar Sunaryo Art Space - Bandung, Indonesia.


•March, guest speaker, “Here There and Everywhere”, indeks – Bandung
•February, public talk, “Nothing Permanent on a Moving Ground”, ISCP – New York
•January, panelist, “Southeast Asia Art Watch: Indonesia”, SEA Focus – Singapore

•December, guest speaker, “APIK: Beyond the White Cube”, Goethehaus – Jakarta
•Desember, public talk, “Be Like a Duck: Remain Calm on the Surface and Paddle Like Crazy Underneath”, Cropping Class #14 at Inkubator Inisiatif – Yogyakarta
•June - July, public talk, “Jalan Berputar Menuju Venezia” (The Road Turns Toward Venezia), sharing sessions in GUDSKUL – Jakarta, Uma Seminyak – Bali, and LIR – Kaliurang
•May, guest speaker, “TMBR Assembly – Chapelle Session”, Level Five – Brussel

•September, contributor, “Is It Working?*” symposium, Cemeti Institute for Art and Society & Hypen, Yogyakarta – Indonesia 
•July, guest speaker, “Making Asian Art Public/s: Symposium", 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Sydney – Australia
•June, guest speaker, “Sharing Session: 900mdpl”, GOLEB Project, Amsterdam – Netherlands
•June, guest speaker, “Making Asian Art Public/s: Public Conversation”, Monash University - Australia.
•June, guest speaker, “Postgraduate Workshop: On Audiences, Sites and Situations: Thinking about Contemporary Art and its Publics in Local and Global Contexts”, Monash University - Australia
•April, guest mentor, Art Management Study, IULM, Milan – Italy
•April, guest mentor, CAMPO curator course, FSRR, Turin – Italy
•March, guest speaker, YCRP 2018 Public Presentation, FSRR, Turin – Italy 
•March, guest curator, “SCOPE: Indonesia” video screening, 98B COLLABoratory, Manila – Philippines
•March, guest critic, BA in Visual Arts, IUAV, Venice – Italy 

•November, guest speaker, “Moving Stories”, Indonesian Visual Art Archive, Yogyakarta – Indonesia
•November, mentor, “Workshop Sejarah dan Penciptaan Seni Rupa”, Jogja Contemporary – Indonesia
•April, guest tutor, Dutch Art Institute, DAI, Arnhem – Netherlands 
•February, guest speaker, “FGFG – A Kitchen Debate”, Jan van Eyck, Maastrich – Netherlands
•February, guest speaker, “Collective (im)Possibilities”, GOLEB, Amsterdam – Netherlands

•November, participant at De Appel’s CP Summit 2016: “You’re such a curator!”, De Appel Art Centre, Amsterdam –  Netherlands 
•November, guest critic, Jan van Eyck, JVE, Maastrich – Netherlands 
•September, guest critic, HISK, HISK, Gent – Belgium   

•October, public presentation, “LIR x NCCA x GBDBG” organized by Northern Centre for Contemporary Art, Darwin – Australia


•January – April, curator, “Transient Museum of a Thousand Conversations”, ISCP – New York.
•March 2020 to April 2021, curator, “Pollination #3”, project initiated by The Factory – Saigon in collaboration with Selasar Sunaryo – Indonesia and MAIIAM – Chiang Mai; supported by SAM Funds for Art and Ecology. 
•September - October, curator, "A Roof Upon Your Head", Solo Exhibition: Mella Jaarsma, KKF, Yogyakarta - Indonesia. 
•February, curator, "Permanent Osmosis", Solo exhibition: Maryanto, LIR Space, Yogyakarta - Indonesia
•March, curator, "Courtesy of the Artists", Solo exhibition: Akiq AW, LIR Space, Yogyakarta - Indonesia
•October, curator, “Tato Tolak Bala: Perlindungan Ampuh Warga Setempat”, Solo Exhibition: Edita Atmaja, KKF, Yogyakarta – Indonesia.
•October, curator, “900mdpl: Hantu-Hantu Seribu Percakapan”, Kaliurang – Yogyakarta
•November, curator, “Bualan Ikan: Narasi-Narasi yang Terseret Arus”, Solo Exhibition: Adi Sundoro, KKF , Yogyakarta – Indonesia.
•November, curator, “Adegan yang Hilang: 1982 – 1985”, Solo Exhibition: Arief Budiman, KKF, Yogyakarta – Indonesia.

•June, curator, "Coming Soon", Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin – Italy
•July, curator, “UTARA-SELATAN”, project by Swara Pembangunan (collective) and Ziarah Utara (Irwan Ahmett, Tita Salina, Hannah Ekin, & Jorgen Doyle), LIR Space, Yogyakarta – Indonesia
•September, curator, “Loci Memoriae”, Solo exhibition: Kurniadi Widodo, KKF, Yogyakarta – Indonesia
•October, curator, “Dalam Tiga Babak”, Solo exhibition: Alfin Agnuba, KKF, Yogyakarta – Indonesia
•November, curator, “Away Day”, Solo exhibition: Dimaz Maulana, KKF, Yogyakarta – Indonesia
•Desember, curator, "Maaf Senin Tutup", Solo exhibition: Anggun Priambodo, LIR Space, Yogyakarta - Indonesia

•February, curator, “Good Luck, See You After the Revolution”, University of Amsterdam – Netherlands
•April, curator, “Why is Everybody Being So Nice”, De Appel Art Center, Amsterdam – Netherlands
•June, curator, “Why is Everybody Being So Nice: The Power Nap”, Stedelijk Museum – Netherlands
•November, curator, “900mdpl”, Kaliurang, Yogyakarta – Indonesia
•November, curator, “On a Lighter Note”, Ark Galerie, Yogyakarta-Indonesia 
•December, curator, "etc.", Jogja Contemporary, Yogyakarta - Indonesia

•March, curator, “Ini Bukan Ujian / This is Not a Test”, LIR Space – Yogyakarta
•March, curator, “Katanya sih, katanya”, Solo exhibition: Dian Suci Rahmawati, LIR Space – Yogyakarta
•April, curator, “Breaking Records with Rocket”, Solo exhibition: Yudha Sandy, KKF – Yogyakarta
•May, curator, “On the Table – Exhibition Series”: 1/ “The Observant Club’s Fine (art) Dining”, a performative exhibition and an alternative art education; 2/ “(Not a) Book (but a) Show”, book as an exhibition space and book as an exhibition; 3/ “Exhibition Laboratory Representative Duel/Duet”, two ex.lab.’s artists in one show, Jogja Contemporary and LIR Space - Yogyakarta

•December, curator, "We are the Majority Anyway", Solo exhibition: Faida Rachma, LIR Space 
•December, curator, "Bioskop Remadja", Solo exhibition: Okinawan A.M., LIR Space – Yogyakarta 
•November, writer, "Green Plastic Tree", Grafis Minggiran, Greenhost Hotel – Yogyakarta 
•October, curator, "Botanica 1.1: Vanda Tricolor and Other Finding", Solo exhibition: Edita Atmaja, LIR Space – Yogyakarta
•May, curator, "Betwixt and Between", LIR Space – Yogyakarta 
•March, curator, “A Noble Silence”,  Solo exhibition: Sarita Ibnoe, LIR Space – Yogyakarta
•March, curator, “Much Love”, Solo exhibition: Anna Paramita, LIR Space – Yogyakarta
•February, curator, “Contrary to Popular Belief,..”, Solo exhibition: Putud Utama, LIR Space
•February, curator, “In Vrede”, Solo exhibition: Antonius Ipur, LIR Space – Yogyakarta
•January, curator, “F20.3”, Solo exhibition: Isnen Bahar, LIR Space – Yogyakarta
•January, curator, “Genealogy of Hope: Piala Suratin 1992”, Solo exhibition: Dimaz Maulana, LIR Space

•December, curator, “Poetry of Space”, Jl.Sudirman Jakarta and KKF- Yogyakarta
•July, writer, Jae Hoon Lee’s work in “Makan Angin #1”, Cemeti Art House – Yogyakarta, Indonesia
•June, curator,“Kelas Salah Jurusan”, Solo exhibition: Cosmas Dipta, LIR Space – Yogyakarta
•June, curator, “Between Media and Other Stories”, Solo exhibition: Yonaz Kristy, LIR Space
•May, curator, “Dinas Merchandise Yogyakarta”, Solo exhibition: Gandhi Setyawan, LIR Space
•May, curator, “Cita Rasa ‘75”, Solo exhibition: Alfin Agnuba, LIR Space – Yogyakarta
•April, curator, “Tell Me a Tale!”, Solo exhibition: Monster Buaya, LIR Space – Yogyakarta
•February - March, “Dear Curator, Curate Me” project by Kristoffer Adena, Cemeti Art House
•January, curator, “The Memories of Unidentified Experience”, Solo exhibition: Dito Yuwono, Kedai Kebun Forum – Yogyakarta

•October, writer, “HappyMart”, Solo exhibition: Mahaputra Vito, LIR Space – Yogyakarta
•September, curator, “Gendis”, Solo exhibition: Lala Bohang, LIR Space – Yogyakarta
•July, curator, “Lunang”, new work presentation: Iwan Effendi, LIR Space – Yogyakarta
•January, curator, “Simalakamma and the Agents of Senses”, Visual exhibition: Simalakamma (Elia Nurvista & Syafiatudina), LIR Space – Yogyakarta 

•September, curator, “Power of the Sun” Solo exhibition: Prihatmoko “Moki” Catur, LIR Space
•July, curator, “The Question” Solo exhibition: Alfonsus Lisnanto, LIR Space – Yogyakarta
•June, curator, “The Disabled Crowd” new work presentation: Hendra “Hehe” Harsono, LIR Space
•April, curator, “Strangely Beautiful” Solo exhibition: Sandi Kalifadani, LIR Space – Yogyakarta
•April, curator, “Tote ‘em All”, a one-day merchandise exhibition by Ican Harem, LIR Space 
•March, writer, “His(s)tory”, Visual exhibition: Octo Cornelius, LIR Space – Yogyakarta


“900mdpl Reader”, ISBN. 978-602-51638-0-7, Published by LIR and IVAA, Indonesia-2018.
“Coming Soon”, ISBN. 978-88-8056-023-4, Published by FSRR and NERO, Italy-2018. 

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