900mdpl Reader

900mdpl (2017): The Reader
Published by LIR & IVAA, Yogyakarta - Indonesia (2018)


900mdpl (2017): The Reader is one of the afterlife of 900mdpl site-specific project in its attempt to support continuous process of archiving the space. 900mdpl is an extensive site-specific art project in Kaliurang, a village on the southern slope of Merapi—one of the most active volcano in Indonesia. The village was a station hill for Dutch geologists’ to closely monitor the volcanic activity during colonial period. In 1923, it continues to be a popular resort area due to its milder temperature and relish its heyday until the end of the New Order era. Located 7 km away from the crater with average altitude of 900 meters above the sea, around 2800 inhabitants today are living in an immediate vicinity with the active volcano. 

900mdpl is projected to be a biennial platform of a site-specific art project, offering space of possibilities while assisting on preservation and transmission of transgenerational memory. The project’s primary aim is to create an alternative archive of the site by collecting myth, local wisdom, stories, and alternative history of the site through the memory of the people. 900mdpl consists of two parts: first, the residency period resulting in different solo projects by each of the artists; second, the project presentation of all artists at scattered sites around Kaliurang where wider audience will be guided on the exhibition walking route as a spatial practice—turning the site into a space of experience. 

The book is published on the occasion of the exhibition 900mdpl (2017) in Kaliurang and presents insight into each exhibiting artists’ practice, curator’s note, and other essay. Contributors for The Reader including Alec Steadman, Agung Kurniawan, Dito Yuwono, Dimaz Maulana, Maryanto, Anggun Priambodo, and Mira Asriningtyas. This reader serves to expand the calendar dates of the exhibition, and deepen the critical engagement with the artists whose work it features.

Language: Eng.
Edition of 100 copies
Year: 2018
Editor: Mira Asriningtyas
Design: Edita Atmaja