Dream Express: Personalized History of Mysticsm


Dream Express: Personalized History of Mysticsm
e-katalog Jompet Kuswidananto solo exhibition
Published by Srisasanti Syndicate, Yogyakarta
Language: English, Indonesian

Beyond merely presenting a personal narrative, personalized history has actively sought to claim history out of the canon and adapt it to the needs of the individual, regardless of the size and legitimacy of the power. In this exhibition, mysticism specifically refers to the wave of spiritual and religious beliefs that catalyze rebellion. The exhibition presents traces of disobedience; from apocalyptic narratives, crafting of spiritual objects, pilgrimages as well as veneration of the spirits of a dissident, to rituals and processes of trance.Throughout the exhibition, music follows the visitors' journey in an attempt to guide the audience’s experience into an atmosphere of trance, chaos, rage, and cathartic bodily experience. The flow is made to dramatically orchestrate the crowd's movement as if they are together on a pilgrimage to the past. Meanwhile, mysticism is present in every corner of the space.